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Apr 26, 2017
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May 03, 2017
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May 10, 2017
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May 17, 2017
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Jun 07, 2017

Remote Monitoring Made Possible

In honor of their 25th anniversary, members of the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club have made a donation of $25,000 to Mountains Community Hospital to be used to purchase new patient monitoring equipment.



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Hospital Administrator Charlie Harrison discussed operations at the hospital, and the current vote to continue the annual district tax – that’s collected on our property tax bills.


Operations are doing well – they just self-funded a $4.5 million seismic upgrade on the building, including new ramps and bathrooms.


Occupancy is up – which means more Medicare which only pays 40% of the billings on average. They provided 7000 patient-days of care in the last year, and 1200 in Acute Care. The Emergency Room is always busy.


Charlie asks all of us to vote, and if we have the opportunity to discuss the vote with our friends, urge them to vote “YES” too!



The hospital has 218 employees – and is a valuable part of our community.

Steve Wilson provided information about what seems to be a well-engineered nutrition program that can help people who have or are pre-diabetic.
Today we were pleased to have our Assemblyman, Jay Olbernolte give us a Sacramento update.
First up – Jay was a judge for an Odyssey  of the World contest – and is really excited that Lilly’s group will be going – and Jay will help with a $100 per person check to help out!
Jay gave us a little personal background: He is really a video game developer, but decided he would try to help out as a politician. He is the Vice-chair of the budget committee, and had the opportunity to have 12 bills signed into law last year – more than anyone. He says it’s partly due to his legislative interest – which is to solve actual problems for people in our district.
Jay spoke a bit about the new gas tax – it will start out at 12 cents per gallon, and work it’s way to 20 cents next year. Which means ours is the most expensive state to buy gas in – and it would be a mistake to expect that much of it will go to improve or build roads. Jay seems pretty disappointed in the legislation.
While talking about new taxes, fees and the high cost of everything in California, he also mentioned that California has the highest poverty rate in the nation. Maybe the two are related???
Jay mentioned he is trying to help out with SkyPark – and invited anyone with a problem to contact one of his offices.
Thanks, Jay!
RYLA Kids were here!
McKensie lost her voice (talking and yelling at the camp, no doubt) be had a great time as an alum. Sarah REALLY enjoyed the “Talent/No Talent” show; Madeline had a great motivational experience and Kaycie got in as an alternate – and was really happy to participate!


Lilly Richardson (Mike’s Granddaughter) reported on here team’s robot entry in the Odyssey of the Mind competition. THEY GOT FIRST PLACE locally and went on to state for a second place – and NOW TO WORLD!!! The world competition includes students from 200 schools, from more than 20 countries.


The team could use some help – it will cost about $9,500 to send the team to the competition – Lilly will submit a request for finding to give us the opportunity to help!


Emily and Paulina, officers of the Literature Club reported on club happenings – and took possession of a $500 donation check for their group!


Paulina also announced “MAD SCIENCE NIGHT” on May 24, from 5:30 to 7:30 at the High School – geared toward elementary kids, lots of fun experiments! They could use a little help and will submit a request.


Today’s program was a presentation from Stephanie Neumen about her visit to a refugee village in Uganda.


What a story – Stephanie showed us a short video of her visit, while describing the situation there. Uganda has turned into a place for refugees from all over Africa to come, as they flee areas that involved in war and revolution. It turns out the Uganda is one of the safe and friendlier and peaceful places in Africa, so it has become a natural safe-haven.



Stephanie tells a story about pretty bleak conditions, with families being torn apart, no water, little food and a lot of hungry children.



Stephanie could use some help with what has become a major cause of hers – and will turn in a request for donation.


If you can help,


Stephanie – thanks for caring!!!

4-Way Speech Contest Day!
Deborah reviewed the rules of the contest – pretty rigorous! The un-named speakers were escorted out of the room, drew lots for speaking position and off we go!
Speaker No. 1: “Is Humanity Pre-Disposed to Evil?”
Great talk – Honorable Mention for Tiffany Powers, a Senior planning to attend UCSB and work into the Psychiatry program.
Speaker No. 2: “Why Don’t We Drug Test People that are on State Aid?”
Interesting view – one worth considering! Katelyn Reyes has given it a lot of thought and isn’t even a little bit shy about her conclusions. 3rd Place in the contest, headed into Poly Sci or Biology.
Speaker No. 3: “Heros aren’t Always Super Heros – Sometimes They Are Computer Nerds – ‘Hacktivists’”
A talk about the honorable side of computer hacking – a place few of us knew existed – very informative, Rim Senior Destiny Hocha Her-Ruiz earned 2nd Place in the competition
Speaker No. 4: “I Love Sports!”
Our 1st Place Winner Davin Whitaker gave a great talk about how he believes that sports, teamwork and competition have enhanced his school and life experiences.
The 4-Wat Speech contest is always one of our Rotary Year Highlights!
Guest Molly Corsen reported on the “Ping-Pong Tournament” fundraiser – it was a huge success this year raising money for St. Judes Children’s Hospital. We also presented her with a check for $250 to help out!
RYLA! We had 3 of our campers with us this morning – Laura, Claire and Luke.
Today we had a chance to watch a very detailed video about last weekend’s RYLA Camp.
BOY do they look like they had fun!
A few comments:
Luke: The culture walk was quite an event – almost life-changing. And, if you want to learn to work together, there’s nothing like the board walk!
Laura: Laura liked the culture walk too, and really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know all of the members of her group well.
Claire: Culture walk was her favorite, too – and Claire really enjoyed connecting with all of the people of their generation.
Thanks for sponsoring us!
Claire, Laura and Luke led us in a favorite cheer: “PARTY!”
The RYLA parents had a few words as well:
What a great opportunity for our kids, the event really strengthened them – gave them a good push toward adulthood – and wouldn’t it be great if High School was like RYLA?!
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