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Sep 02, 2015
Luvia Rodriquez
Mountain Hearts and Lives
Sep 09, 2015
Capt Donny Mahoney
Sheriffs Dept.
Sep 16, 2015
Eric Nava
Sports and Rotary
Sep 23, 2015
Steve Tremewan
Resort Director of Sales and Marketing
Sep 30, 2015
Dr. Giovanni Annous
School Superintendent
Oct 07, 2015
Allison Banner
Homeowners Insurance
Oct 14, 2015
Karen Reams
Rim Recreaction and Park
Oct 21, 2015
Thomas Flach L.Ac.
Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Nov 04, 2015
Tom Rolinski
Fireweather Meteorologist
Nov 11, 2015
Rudy as District
Nov 18, 2015
Maryann Dickenson
Water Issures
Nov 25, 2015
Dec 23, 2015
Dec 30, 2015


Rotarians Provide Hospital With Vital Monitors

Michael P. Neufeld | Oct 19, 2012

Mountains Community Hospital’s Kathleen Walsh applies electrodes to Rotarian Rudy Westervelt during a demonstration of the new Propaq LT monitor purchased by a $25,000 grant from the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club. (Photo by Michael P. Neufeld)



Remote Monitoring Made Possible

In honor of their 25th anniversary, members of the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club have made a donation of $25,000 to Mountains Community Hospital to be used to purchase new patient monitoring equipment.



2012 - Sock Hop

Come out for an evening of great fun while helping to support the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Foundation charities.

Click HERE to read article.




  RYLA 2012-Teamwork Game

Games  help the students learn how to become a better leader and work together as a team.

The 16 Rim students who attended RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) last month came home from the weekend hanged people.



 Students’ Art Reaps Prizes  

Mountain News: Posted: Thursday, June 14, 2012 10:02 am 

The first art competition sponsored by the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club drew 35 entries from students at Mary Putnam Henck Intermediate School, Rim High School and Mountain High School.



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Home Page Stories

Today’s speaker is Crestline Club member Carolyn Lawrence; recently back from Brazil with the Vocational Training Team.
Carolyn began her talk in Portuguese – without sub-titles, so notes here were somewhat sketchy!
Once transitioned to English, Carolyn told us about her trip to Brazil with the Rotary Vocational Training Team.  The trip was originally scheduled to go to Bangladesh, but due to problems there, they rescheduled it for Brazil.
Their trip was designed to visit and work with schools, teachers and students there, and Carolyn had photo presentation of her visit.
A few take-aways: The public school system there is incredibly dysfunctional and politically difficult, so most parents will struggle to send their kids to private school. The public system is extremely under-funded, and in many cases administrators are elected for two year terms. Seems pretty difficult.
Carolyn had a chance to conduct a spelling bee, and one favorite moment was simply going out to a playground and visiting with students during a recess period.
To wrap up, Carolyn pitched the Crestline Clubs upcoming “Steak At the Lake” fundraiser – it will be held on September 5, $35 per person for a great evening!


Today’s program was presented by Chad Hobart from CalTrans.

Chad discussed the upcoming construction of the new solid barrier for highway 18. The engineering is wrapping up, bids will go out and construction is scheduled to start in November. Completion is expected in March 2016.

Other projects: Friction treatment for Highway 18 to be done in 2017, wit repaving in 2018.

Chad tells us that we have a new Director, John Belinski. Mr. Belinski has the reputation of being very active in his management, so expect to see many more projects!

Thanks for the update!


John Moore introduced today’s speaker – Bert Upson. Bert was a narrow survivor of the collapse of the South Tower at the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001. Bert has written a book, “On a Clear Day” recounting those experiences.
A few of Bert’s notes:
  • 2819 died that day in the fall.
  • 514 died as a result, from lung problems or other injuries.
  • 393 Fire Fighters died.– They never received the word to abandon the building.
  • 18,000 suffered the horrible effects of the toxic dust cloud – including Bert.
  • 100 people jumped.
  • 200 people died in an elevator.
  • People were pushed out of the elevator so others could get in.
  • 143 boats participated in the evacuation of lower Manhattan. The evacuated more than 500,000 people without incident.
Bert showed a short video display of the event, along with photos of the Mars Rover and the USS New York – both built with steel recycled from the WTC.
Quite a story.
Thanks for your presentation, Bert.


Ace auto mechanic Rory presented today’s program.


A REALLY scary review of “Telematic Technologies.” Basically, a review of the new systems that will

wirelessly connect your car to the manufacturer and to the government.


We won’t need traffic cops anymore. Your car will tattle on you and you’ll get a ticket by mail. Or maybe

by text. DON’T TEXT WHILE DRIVING and your car will pass that along too!



Thanks for all of the good news, Rory.




Denice Amante presented a whole bunch of really good reasons why we


should all donate blood.



Everyone should consider the benefits of blood donation – as Denise


noted, there is no existing technology that enables us to synthesize


blood – so we all need to help!


Thanks to Joyce Savage and all of her organizing efforts!

Next week – 10am for the parade, 11:30 for the presentations.
If you can volunteer, call 337-9275
June Lockhart will present the Key to the Swiss delegation.
Check the Chamber web-site for further info.
Bob also mentioned the upcoming Crestline “Run Through the Pines.” That will happen on August 22.

Secretary Barry Smart gave today’s talk – about the finer points of the Rotary Major Gifts Program.
Turns out, Rotary has gone way out of the way to make sure donations to the Rotary Foundation are really really really easy to make.
If you would like to discuss ways to help Rotary change the face of the earth – talk to Barry and see how to participate!

Lyle introduced Michelle French as our newest member nominee – and invited Initiation  Master Geoff Hopper up to (roast) induct Michelle.
Geoff says it was all but impossible to find any dirt on Michelle – except that she has been responsible for her clients being awarded more than $300 Million in grants – (there’s gotta be a slush fund in there somewhere).
Geoff administered the oath, and Michelle is now officially our newest – No. 2085 in the district – Rotarian!

District Governor Rudy Westervelt Report
Rudy spoke at some length about his life’s journey, and a few of the moments that led to his becoming the District Governor of Rotary.
From a VERY small town in upstate New York, to the bustling metropolis of Lake Arrowhead, everyone is proud to have Rudy as our new Governor – CONGRATULATIONS!
            “BE A GIFT TO THE WORLD!”

Retired President John Moore thanked everyone for the fun at the Demotion Dinner.
  • John briefly reviewed last year’s community service budget - $52,000 was donated, 90% stayed on the mountain, 10% to international causes!
  • We ended the year in solid financial shape – Foundation balances, including our rainy day fund ended at more than $110,000.
  • Special thanks to Ken Neilsen and Alan Smith for putting our recordkeeping in order!

Our speaker today was our host, Camp Pivika Director Kelly Kunsek. She thanked us for our support over the years and for inspiring the support of other organizations in the the community. Founded by Rotary Club LA % in the 1940s, Camp Pivika provides an amazing summer camp experience and programs for individuals with disabilities. The majority of the summer staff are college students, and they themselves learn and grow grow from the experience.

The cost per camper to Camp Pivika for five nights of camp is $1,800.00 while the charge is $975.00. If they get a scholarship, their is a co-pay of $100.00. Their funding comes from local organizations and fundraisers as wells as significant grants.

Campers range in age from eight years to some in their 70s. Enrollment is way up 460 enrolled for this summer, which is a record. The camp offers a numbers of ways for campers and parents to transition slowly into participating fully in the camp experience. So they work with families as well as those with disabilities, including a camp for moms. Camp Pivika continues to provide an adaptive pool and and an adaptive equestrian program. A new project in the works is a one of a kind adaptive zip line, equipped with a race car seat. We should get to see it when we meet here next year.

Today’s program came from our District Treasurer Jamie Zinn.
Jamie has an interest in the Rotary Direct foundation giving program, and reviewed the program with the membership. One very important point  is the fact that half of the funds raised through the program come back to the local club for local use.
John mentioned that the funds we received back from our donations came back to fund the Scholarship program.
Jamie mentioned that our district was the first one in the world to rceive funds – and we have reason to be very proud of that!
The program is VERY easy to donate too, with many people choosing to donate regularly through a monthly or quarterly credit card charge. Jamie had form to help us on board with our pledge of “EVERY ROTARIAN EVERY YEAR!”

Employment Litigation Lawyer and Club Mouthpiece Geoff Hopper offered today’s program, which can be summed up very easily:
Actually, Geoff presented a number of good ways and strategies to help avoid problems with employees and potential employees. Employment litigation is to be avoided, especially here in litigious California – as it can be very costly and very time consuming.
Geoff claims that you could never know all of the rules – lawyers don’t know all of the rules – so his suggestions were welcome!

Jerry Savage and Mike Clark reported that the First and Only Rotary Memorial Day Weekend Garage sale went VERY well - and presented a wad of greenbacks totaling about $3,200.
Mike asked all of the helpers to stand up for a round of applause.
Jerry says the storage room is empty – and the balance of the goods went to the Boys and Girls Club.

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