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Jan 17, 2018
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Jan 24, 2018
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Jan 31, 2018
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Feb 07, 2018
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Feb 14, 2018
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Remote Monitoring Made Possible

In honor of their 25th anniversary, members of the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club have made a donation of $25,000 to Mountains Community Hospital to be used to purchase new patient monitoring equipment.



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We meet Wednesdays at 07:00 AM
Lake Arrowhead Resort
President: Ken McKay
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Home Page Stories
Paul Fournier presented the Music Competition Program
Paul discussed the program – we have our local contest, which leads to a District-wide program. Our local program involves all of the mountain clubs. Paul spent a few minutes recounting our previous programs, and reviewed the flyers he has prepared for both the community and the participants.
THEN, Paul introduced Josiah Tey – one of the contestants. Josiah has won 3 years in a row – and was nice enough to perform for our group!
Josiah had a couple of comments – highlighted by thanks to our group for hosting the program.
Paul asked that everyone be sure to attend!
Adam Lane presented the PRYDE event a couple of weeks ago.
  • Adam reviewed the program for the benefit of new members.
  • The program had 250 kids at the camp this year!
  • Adam had a great video of the program – looks like it was lots of fun!
  • Rebecca – one of the participants talked a bit about her experience:
    • She walked us through the whole process – from arriving at the camp, activities, etc.
    • Rebecca reviewed Scott Green’s program – evidently quite a motivator!
    • Rebecca particularly like the work together project
    • She won a stuffed Koala bear!
  • Rebecca’s Dad Charles made a couple of comments – “It was fun to watch Rebecca growing up in the program!”
Geoff Hopper went through the “Choices” program, scheduled for February 8 and 9, with an orientation meeting at his home on January 31.
Rory offered his comments on the Choices program – with LOTS of praise.
Adam gave us a report on the PRYDE event last weekend. It went really well:
There was an attendee with MS – it was great to get him involved – and get involved with him!
Special thanks to Wes Kohtz for helping with the transportation logistics!
Adam gave a quick review of the PRYDE program for new members.
PRYDE kids will attend a meeting in early January!
New Member Initiation
Ken is excited to have Kimberly Marcelletta join our group! Kimberly has been Ken’s payroll accountant for a long time, and he was happy when Jamie offered to sponsor Kimberly
Initiation Master Geoff Hopper seemed to be a little taken aback by Kimberly’s typed, single-spaced resume. As such the worst he was able to turn up was an unfortunate incident  regarding a car spinning on the ice and a whopper from burger king.
Welcome, Kimberly!
Sheriff Detective Eric Trujillo on What makes a Deputy Sheriff?
Eric has been with the department for 17 years, 6 years at the County Jail,  11 years on patrol – and has been stationed in Twin Peaks for the last 6 months.
When asked what makes a Deputy Sheriff, Eric makes a few points – first on the list is the desire to help people. The job is to provide help to people often when they are at their worst possible moments. Eric described the academy experience, and the idea that the department likes to hire people with some life experience. He says the academy is a real test of your limits – and takes 6 months.
Working at the jail is quite an experience – learning to speak to street-wise bad-guys is key!
Sums up:
  1. Helping
  2. Worst: learning how to leave the office at the office.
  3. Best: being able to restore a person’s property, pass on knowledge.
Eric says that our community is thankfully low on the violent crime list, but drugs are a problem that brings theft and property crimes.
Of course, President Ken offered an invitation to Eric to join our group!

Terri Pena, COO and Chief of Nursing Services of Mountains Community Hospital.


Terri gave us a bit of her personal history – and her passion to support small rural hospitals. Evidently, small hospitals are becoming more and rarer. Terri is delighted to report that MCH is financially stable due to great support from the community.


Terri discussed a number of their recent equipment and facility upgrades, and she reports they are excited to welcome a new OB/GYN Doctor in January to bring in a Women’s Health service.


The hospital pushes hard on the quality of their services, and works hard to provide care to not only the patients, but also to the care givers.


Thanks to the Community for all the valuable support!

Retired Judge Vic Saraydarian offered today’s program. Evidently, Vic met Harvey Durand some time back, Harvey asked Vic to present today, and in the meantime Vic decided to join up!
Vic presented a couple of thoughts about the prison population problem, and the increasing number of homeless people here in California.
First up: AB 109. In response to court-ordered reduction in prison over population, California passed AB 109 – which re-aligned a great big piece the state prison population to local jails. It has also resulted in the release of a large number of people, as local jails have become overcrowded. 
As a result of the re-alignment, the State has enjoyed a large decreased in expenditures which has been transferred to the localities.
Second: Proposition 47 in 2014 re-classified a large number of offenses to misdemeanor status. As sometimes happens, there has been an unwanted result – a large increase in the homeless population as people guilty of what used to be felonies have had their time in jail reduced dramatically. Property crimes have increased by 68% as people with substance problems spend more time on the street, and shoplift or steal to supply their habit.
Unfortunately, this has created problems for enforcement as police have become discouraged by the lack of punishment, and re-arresting the same people over and over.
A few thoughts:  Take time to talk to your local law enforcement, and learn how to work with young people to keep them safe and out of the system. We have moved from a State administered system to a locally administered one. Try to get involved in local service, and as a village maybe we can start to reduce the problem.
Initiation Master Geoff Hopper indicted – I mean initiated – our two newest members:
Mel Markham: One of the few dentists sans college degree. A BYU undergrad, and a local fixture since the ‘50s. Presented with a 1984 Lion’s Club Tooth Pin.
Angela Huntingdun: Has been on the mountain for 18 years, Angie is a nutritionist, and works for Wes Kohtz. Angie’s introduction gift is a lovely baboon pin for the Lion’s club.
Welcome to both!

John Moore presented a brief history of Veteran’s day for today’s program, noting that there will be a ceremony at Arrowhead Ridge on Saturday, at 11am.


Club Members that are Veterans:


George – Army, Ken – Army,  Bob Cantrell – Navy, Cliff – Army, Mike Cronshy – Army, Herb – Navy, Armand – Army, John Moore – Air Force



Thank you to all of our Veterans!

Our 13th new member this year, Dave Kelly, was last a Division Fire Chief – he has been in the mountains since 2005, so there are only 13 more years to be here before he can be considered a “local.”
Poor Dave had to withstand Head Initiator Geoff Hoppers procedure – and came out of it with a nice speech praising our group!
Rudy Westervelt presented today’s program – with a photo show of his visit to Haiti.
Rudy reports that Haiti needs special attention, after decades of political malfeasance, exploitation and neglect. The streets are full of trash – in some cases several feet deep. They have deforested the landscape for fuel to cook, and there is none left. They need so much – rebuilding, planting of trees, education.
A pretty sad state of affairs and a pretty graphic photo collage.
Rudy is hoping for help through the worldwide peace effort that he is a big part of. The Peace Conference in Atlanta will have more than 100 speakers, and at least 24 break0out sessions. Rudy is hoping to put together partnerships to try to help.
A few other photos –
  • Henry the Holocaust Survivor – 100 years old; what an inspiration!
  • Gerry and Paula Porter
  • “Stop Stuff” group promotion photo.

Jaime Stiansen, President of the PTA at Charles Hoffman Elementary School presented their program – which she summed up well with “Focus on Building Good People for the Future – Go After Experiences and Opportunities!”


Jaime is bringing a few new visions to the school. One is to use the outdoors more. They find that having an occasional class outside helps teachers to connect to the kids. They have also put into place a few other programs including a “tinkering night.” An evening where kids are encouraged to take things


apart to see what makes them work!


Rory is excited enough about this that he pledged $500 from the Automotive Repair Council!



A few other programs include Wellness Week, and the upcoming Fall Festival.


Hard to imagine anyone with more enthusiasm the Jaime!

A Quick Plea for HELP!
Sharon McCormick, sponsor of the Ballet Company, is looking forward to their production of “The Nutcracker” this fall. BUT the PAC at Rim doesn’t have heat, and it gets cold in there this time of the year!
Sharon is hoping that we can help pay some of the expenses to bring in portable heaters – and that we’ll all come to see the production!
Hayley Raines, Techmaster,  gave us website tips today.
A list for web success:
  • It’s gotta be easy for a customer, even Bob Cantrell, to operate.
  • Your website needs to be easy to maintain.
  • It needs to be organized to show up in the top 50 in a keyword search.
A couple of terms:
Front end: What the customer sees
Back End: what the designer sees.
Hayley recommends:
  • Build it in a system called “WordPress.”
  • Organize it to be secure – “https”
  • Install Google Analytics to track your users
  • It must have a responsive design
  • Have “fluid” organization – to help people find things fast.
  • Every page needs a “CTA” – call to action.
  • Lots of buttons – green with rounded edges are best, and use text rather than a “learn more” title in the button. Try something in the first person “Tell me more”
  • Pin the navigation bar to the top[ of the page – so it always appears.
  • EVERY page needs a footer
  • Evwery page needs to be key-word optimized.
Do all of that – or have your web designer do all of that and you are set for success! Or maybe reviewing those items will help you find a good web designer for your business.
Every little detail counts!
Jack Cooperman and Kim Meers gave us an update on the Special Athletes program.
They have been quite active over the last year, and have added a number pf programs for not only winter sports, but also for water sports and golf.
They are really excited about the new deck at Snow Valley! Thanks to everyone!
They had a great video of the program’s activities and programs – they have been at it for 3 years, and are looking forward to expanding the program. One problem is that the equipment for the winter sports program is expensive, and they have been operating on a shoestring budget. So any help would be appreciated!
A few numbers: They have about 16 in the Yoga program, 9 in golf and 39 in winter programs, and they are planning a fishing program for next year.  Interesting that they get quite a few “walk-ups” at Snow Valley!
Thanks to Jack and Kim for the fun services they provide!
Initiation Master Geoff Hopper proceeded to try to embarrass our new members –
Michelle Murphy: Boy has she worked at a lot of schools! She managed to acquire the nickname “Momma Bear.” Obviously VERY protective of her territory!
Vic Sardarian: Retire Judge, Geoff sort of tip-toed around Vic. Turns out Vic still hears a case or two occasionally, so that probably makes sense.  Geoff characterizes Vic as “Judge Judy on Steroids. CAREFUL! 
Vic met spouse Zenda at Rotary!
Welcome to Michelle and Vic!

Keith Martin presented his “Have Set, Will Travel” program. Created when he worked as a School Teacher in Chicago, he has found great benefit to the kids that participate.


Keith has found that the game of Chess offered at our schools can provide a high level of help for lots of students. He has created a chess club program that he has been offering at the Middle School and at the High School level – and he hopes to offer it at the grade school level.


Keith finds that participation in the club can be quite a help, often giving kids a reason to go to school, builds teamwork, and requires minimum grade point levels to be able to compete.


Keith is very enthusiastic about his program, and believes it helps kids to do better in school, build character and school spirit. And it’s cheap!


Have a look at the website: and learn how to play!

Ernie Perez from the Sheriff’s Department presented today.
Ernie works with the Narcotics Division – a division that has between 60 and 70 employees. They work with virtually all other law enforcement agencies including local police, DEA, Homeland Security and the FBI.
Ernie mentioned that one problem with their electronic surveillance program is that is has a difficult political perception – the view of some people is that they are somehow violating people’s rights in doing their work – Ernie described the program, and how they take great care in its administration.
Ernie described a few of their drug and cash seizures, including thousands of pounds of heroin, meth, and cash.
Ernie mentioned that one of their biggest new problems is the appearance of Fentanyl – basically a pharmacist grade opioid which is being laced into the heroin that is sold.
Ernie provided us with another very disturbing statistic – in states where recreational marijuana use is legal, approximately 80% of sale happen in the black market – creating all manner of problems.
It’s certainly nice to know that we have such a dedicated team working on this very difficult problem in our society.


Quick Tennis Team Presentation

Coach Julie Perkins discussed the almost always winning Rim tennis team. She gave us a brief discussion about the program, and the great record of success they enjoy. Team Captains Emily and Jaycee talked about the program, and the bonus of leadership, teamwork and friendship they receive from the group.

Julie is looking forward to challenging the teams, would like to expand their calendar – but that would require additional funding, and hopes we could help.

They can use help with transportation, equipment and uniforms and funds to hire officials for their tournaments.

Link Crew Presentation
Claudia, along with Josh and Katie presented the LINK program – a program designed to provide a transition for freshmen as the come into High School.
They spoke of the value of the program, Katie mentioned that she had been home schooled, and moving from home to a public high school was quite a culture shock! Josh came from the LINK program in Riverside, and relayed how the program helped orient him toward high school.
The program needs money to support their efforts, mostly for supplies and t-shirts, and they’re hoping we can help!
Paul Harris Presentation
Foundation Chair Pat Davis gave us a little background on the Founder of Rotary – Mr. Paul Harris, a LAWYER, and what it takes to be a Paul Harris Fellow.
This week, Song Master Rick Miller has hopped over the Paul Harris +2 milestone! Congratulations to Rick!
Katie Mashburn presented a wonderful speech of thanks for our support of the Odyssey of the Mind program – and a plea for support for the GATE program. The GATE program (The G in GATE stands for Gifted) is approved by the school , but there are no employees at MPH that are stepping up to sponsor it. Katie is going to present at the School Board meeting on September 19 at 6pm and asks us to show up and support her presentation!

John Wurm from LACSD was today’s speaker.


John gave us a short update on the water company, and the status of current operations. The drought caused a lowering of revenues, but things are getting back to normal, they are in good financial shape now.


A couple of items they are working on – a solar plant at the property in Hesperia that will help finance most of the district’s electricity use – sounds like a pretty good plan!


Also, they are looking into a groundwater recycling program that would all but eliminate a low lake level. The plan is to recycle water through normal percolation, then use well water for service. John mentioned that, in his view, the water bond that was passed by the voters last year is baloney – it hasn’t added a bucketful of storage to our state system.


Last item – we can expect the pump station at North Bay to begin the rebuilding process – it has needed a re-work for a long time!