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    Feb 22, 2016 – Feb 23, 2016

Remote Monitoring Made Possible

In honor of their 25th anniversary, members of the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club have made a donation of $25,000 to Mountains Community Hospital to be used to purchase new patient monitoring equipment.



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Today’s program started off to be a report by Heather Dominguez, the Principal at Lake Arrowhead Elementary, but ended up being a report – a very informative report – on the Rim USD by Heather Dominguez, the new Director of Educational Services for the District.
Heather reported on the progress and result of the consolidating of the schools – turns out a lot of planning and preparation was done for the move with a goal of making it as easy as possible on the students and teachers that were moving, and they report success! The largest impact was on LAE that received the largest number of students and teachers. As it turns out, they are able to accommodate all of the new arrivals, and Heather reports that that no new buildings or temporaries were required, and that class size was not impacted.
With regard to the student count situation, the District in budgeting for a 3% further decline in student population next year.  The District estimates that there are about 1200 school age children in the district that are using alternative schools, home schooling, Christian schools and Charter Schools. Heather speculates that a fairly large number of parents are choosing other options for religious reasons.
All told, the move seems to have gone well; Heather thanked us for our support and mentioned that the students and staff at the schools always enjoy it when we show up – with a program, or just for lunch!
Good luck as the new Director of Educational Services, Heather!



Joy Hatch presented the “Lake Arrowhead Fife and Drum Corps”


What a presentation. Joy introduced all of the members present, and went through how they go about working their way through the ranks. One of the most amazing parts is how many tunes they must memorize! One Senior (Also known as a Sergeant Major) has memorized about 310 tunes!


The group performed for us – what an amazing performance, to a standing ovation.


Joy thanked us for our help, and hopes we’ll be able to help again this year.


What an amazing, talented and dedicated group of young people!





Jack Cooperman was excited that we presented him with a check for a Noon Club topping $1,501 to help with his passion – the Rim Special Athletics Association.







Lyle asked Bob Mosby to come to the front to present a check for $250 to significant other Toni for her participation in the American Cancer Society walk coming up!


Tiffany O’Hara presented today’s program – as the new owner of the Alpenhorn News.
She used to work at a number of news outlets, including the LA Times. Tiffany believes that Community Newspapers are very important – she bought the paper to get involved in a small community, and she has always loved the mountains!
Everyone used to think her paper was mostly gossip – but her plan is to turn it into a serious newspaper that represents the local community.
She seems to be off to a great start!

Laurielle, Julia, Tyler, Eric and Matt from the Rim High Literature Club presented their program. They’ve been here before, and they discussed their progress since their last visit
  • One on one reading is working VERY well.
  • They are arranging for 4 “Reading Days” with a goal of reaching out to up to 250 kids!
  • The wrapped and gave away 80 books for Christmas!
  • Their goal is to take their passion for reading to the elementary kids –
  • March 3 will be this year’s District Wide Reading Day!
Their plan is to take their love of reading to the entire community – and they would appreciate our help!




JoBonita and Marilyn accepted our donation check for the Rim Education Foundation! Lots of applause!




Darrell Lowe introduced today’s guest speaker – Esther Wang, attorney from the Elder Law Center in Redlands.


Darrell told a brief story about problems he had getting VA benefits for his Dad – he looked for help, and was referred to Esther, with great results!


Esther presented her firm, and the services they provide, including working with Veterans and their families to obtain the benefits that the VA offers to seior veterans. Evidently, there are quite a number of pitfalls obtaining the proper benefits, and Esther and her team are well practiced at helping.


Geoff Hopper offered a commercial for Esther, saying that whenever he meets a person that is working on VA benefits, he refers them to Esther.


If you need help obtaining the benefits you have earned, give Esther a call!





Nick Crisp presented his Eagle Scout Project – his plan is to build a railroad tie step and pathway from the parking lot at the Lutheran Church to the parking lot at Rim High – it turns out the church parking lot is used for overflow parking when there is an event at the school – and the steps should come in handy!


Nick says the project will cost about $2,000, and if we can help he would appreciate it!



Lyle presented John Moore with his Paul Harris +2 Pin! Lots of applause!







Lyle was presented with a Rotary Banner from our Brazilian guests – and he presented them with one! Actually, a whole bunch of them!



Member Jack Cooperman reported today on his work with the Rim Special Athletics Association.


Jack has a passion to help people with disabilities have opportunities to learn to participate in athletics regardless of their disabilities – and he has had great success. Jack has spent a great deal of time and money finding ways to help people learn to ski, kayak, and do many activities – he says it helps them to find empowerment in spite of their problems.


Snow Valley has been a large helper in the program – and they are looking forward to helping more this year. Matt spent a few moments describing an actual experience he had with an 8 year old young man – with amazing results. They have trained 6 instructors for this year – and are looking to help as many as possible.


Jack says the equipment needed is a bit expensive – and any help that we could offer would be appreciated.


Thank you, Jack, for your dedication!


Our Russian visitor Grigori entertained us with and AMAZING solo of “Santa Lucia” followed up by “Hello, Mary Lu.” What a way to start our meeting – with a standing ovation


Rudy offered today’s moment – with a story about a fast run to Phoenix to take care of he and Karyn’s son – they flew out of Palm Springs, but couldn’t get back – actually, they got back but couldn’t land, so Rudy ended up renting a car in Phoenix and driving back. Rudy reported on his once in a lifetime opportunity to walk alongside the Rotary Float!


Rudy is very excited about the upcoming Peace Conference – and gave us a bit more background – lots of speakers and breakout sessions.


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