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Oct 14, 2015
Karen Reams
Rim Recreaction and Park
Oct 21, 2015
Thomas Flach L.Ac.
Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Oct 28, 2015
Max Ahrens
University of Redlands Peanut Butter Project
Nov 04, 2015
Tom Rolinski
Fireweather Meteorologist
Nov 11, 2015
Rudy as District
Nov 18, 2015
Maryann Dickenson
Water Issures
Nov 25, 2015
Dec 02, 2015
Giovanni Annous
School Superintendent
Dec 16, 2015
Joy Hatch
Mountain Fife and Drum
Dec 23, 2015
Dec 30, 2015


Rotarians Provide Hospital With Vital Monitors

Michael P. Neufeld | Oct 19, 2012

Mountains Community Hospital’s Kathleen Walsh applies electrodes to Rotarian Rudy Westervelt during a demonstration of the new Propaq LT monitor purchased by a $25,000 grant from the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club. (Photo by Michael P. Neufeld)



Remote Monitoring Made Possible

In honor of their 25th anniversary, members of the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club have made a donation of $25,000 to Mountains Community Hospital to be used to purchase new patient monitoring equipment.



2012 - Sock Hop

Come out for an evening of great fun while helping to support the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Foundation charities.

Click HERE to read article.




  RYLA 2012-Teamwork Game

Games  help the students learn how to become a better leader and work together as a team.

The 16 Rim students who attended RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) last month came home from the weekend hanged people.



 Students’ Art Reaps Prizes  

Mountain News: Posted: Thursday, June 14, 2012 10:02 am 

The first art competition sponsored by the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club drew 35 entries from students at Mary Putnam Henck Intermediate School, Rim High School and Mountain High School.



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Home Page Stories

Allison Banner offered today’s program.

Allison went through all of the difficulties locals have been having getting fire insurance on their homes, because of our status as a high risk neighborhood.

She’s happy to report that she is able to get reasonably priced insurance a different company other than Allstate – but all of the service and claims comer through the Allstate Company. She’s very happy with the new company!


Thanks Allison!


Carrie Gilbreth presented today’s program about upcoming plans and public hearings regarding plans to upgrade the I-15 and I-10 freeways.
Carrie presented a number of possible scenarios, including the addition of lanes, hov lanes and Fast Track lanes. The object is to present the public with the possibilities, then gather comments and thoughts prior to the public hearings.
Carrie reviewed each of the alternatives, and asked that members consider them and perhaps offer suggestions
A few things to keep in mind:
  • Traffic will increase by 25 to 50% in the next decade
  • Space is limited
  • Safety if paramount
  • Funding is limited (Surprise!!)
A few thoughts from the group:
  • How about a freeway on the desert side of the mountains?
  • Double deck freeway?
  • Narrower lanes?
Looks like there is plenty of work to be done before we will get relief from the traffic.
Thanks for your presentation, Carrie!

After being our guest for the requisite 3 breakfasts (seem like more than that), Terry Caldwell has finally succumbed to his calling as a member of our little group.
After conducting his usual exhaustive background review (in the hotel lobby), Geoff Hopper reports that Terry is the single most boring person he has run into, unfortunately a somewhat pitiful life.  3 Daughters and a son keep him busy when not being an electrical contractor, and his wife manages to keep the business on track.
We are excited to welcome Terry as our newest member!!!

Pat Raines from the noon club presented the awards for the PolaRotary Plunge with much fanfare – awards were given to: Lauralee and Geoff Hopper, John Moore and President Lyle.



Lake Arrowhead  Resort Hotel Sales Director Steve Tremewan spoke today on the state of the Resort, and the tourism industry in Lake Arrowhead.
Lots of interesting facts – Room in the parking lot is at a premium – which means occupancy is up nicely, up 15%. Revenue growth has been good, up $4,000,000. They would like to find ways to improve weekday occupancy, there is quite a bit of competition from other areas, California has a large number of destination resorts. Steve reports that 90% of their business comes from California – we are primarily a “drive” market.
Some very positive things:
  • New pontoon boat
  • The golf course has been very helpful
  • They work on hiking, tours
Steve is working hard to coordinate with local events, suggests that it might be fun to expand the Polar Plunge to include a lot more people and events. They will be sponsoring Kayak races on Memorial and Labor day next year, and suggest an “Arts Month” to spotlight local artists and artisans.
Steve expressed appreciation for their local partnerships, including historical events and Sky Park.
A couple of further thoughts – there are 70-0 AirBnB’s advertised in our area, don’t seem to be a problem from a competitive standpoint.
They are looking forward to hosting the Rotary District Convention this Year!

Lyle passed out certificates from the California State Legislature of Thanks and Congratulation’s for help in the Special Olympics;
Those that received certificates:
Laura Lee Hopper
Susan Smart
Jackie Crowder   
Jill Neumen
Matt Ward

Margaret Mueller brought 2 beautiful quilts to auction off – proceeds to Camp Paivika.
Lyle expertly auctioned the quilts to lucky winners John Moore and Mike Clark

Today’s presenter was Eric Nava – and oh my goodness does Eric have a lot to say!
Eric is a Senior at Rim High – a wrestler, and seemingly he has made a career out of joining service clubs and groups at the High School. He is incredibly involved, belonging to Interact, RYLA, the Philosophy club, FBA, Poetry Club, etc., etc., etc.
Eric had a few high points. The Philosophy club offered an opportunity to learn to speak publically – (which he does with abandon)  - but the real lesson was the importance of listening. A place you connect with people that you would never connect with otherwise.
A couple of further thoughts – As a member of numerous clubs he found out the really, truly he is not the center of the universe – a valuable lesson. While at Boy’s State, Eric found that 90% of the Members of Congress have been to Boy’s State – quite a number!.
A comment on RYLA – “2 ½ days of amazing! He says he connected with 1000 people in 2 days, and it will influence him the rest of his life.
Eric had quite an energetic speech – and managed to shake every hand in the room when he was done.

Captain Donny Mahoney, Commander of the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s station offered today’s talk.
Captain Mahoney was transferred to Twin Peaks in January – and loves the mountain!
Captain Mahoney gave us a general view of the tasks and responsibilities that his department is responsible for. Normally, the Sheriff is responsible for “traffic reconstruction” in the areas they serve, in our area this is handled by the CHP.  He reports that the SB Sheriff’s Department is considered one of the best in the country.
A few thoughts:
  • The previous Commander of this office had been here for 29 years!
  • He has spent 24 years in the department
  • A recent assignment was commanding the Crime Lab
  • He was recently stationed in Muscoy – and is really excited he was transferred to the mountain!
  • He mentioned that the Sheriff’s office may be taking over the San Bernardino City Police Department due to city budget problems.
  • The Captain reported there are few homicides here, but one happened here yesterday – preliminarily, a burglar was shot by a homeowner – more to be reported later.
  • Here encourages his Deputies to live on the mountain, and believes that them being a part of the community is helpful to their job.
  • He notes that we are a very involved community – which he finds to be a very positive feature.
  • The Department is studying the use of body cameras – the decisions will be made shortly.
  • His office has recently annexed what used to be the courtroom and court offices that have not been used since 2006 – giving them lots more space to house all of the volunteers!
Thanks for your report, Captain Mahoney!

Todays program was presented by Luvia Rodriguez from Hearts and Lives.
Luvia presented a brief PowerPoint video of some of the areas that Hearts and Lives helps out. A few of the points:
  • Case management – connect families with resources.
  • Early Identification and Intervention
    • Centers on therapy need by kids.
  • Oral – dental health and education
  • Developmental screenings and support
 Services include Parent /child interaction therapy, after school programs,  language programs and a community health fair for children.
With all of the work they do, they are always happy to accept contributing and donations!
Dave Stuart stood up and offered thanks to our club for our long time support!
Thanks, Luvia for all that your group does!

Rim Tennis Varsity Coach Julie Perkins reported on the progress of
the tennis program at Rim. Think are going well, with a large number of participants and quite a bit of success.
Team members Kylie and Stephanie shared a few comments about the program,  how well they are doing – and thanks for Rotary support.
Coach Perkins is submitting a request for donation for consideration at our next secret Board meeting.

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