Lake Arrowhead Mountain

Sunrise Rotary Club

Parks and Recreation Agency

The Parks and Recreation agency was presented today by the full staff, Karen, Veronica, Carly and Bob.
A few high points:
  • They are working with the school district to develop uses for the Lake Gregory school facility; they are hoping to open in September.
  • Carly is the marketing specialist, and she is working with the Special Olympics – and needs volunteers!
  • Veronica presented the youth sports program which is operated by a private company.
  • Ken presented the “Ruin Through the Pines” program
    • They had 404 entries last year, inviting 500 this time.
    • It will be held on August 12, and start at the Lake Gregory Ed Center.
    • Bob thinks we should be a sponsor – and pony up!
    • They need volunteers to help out.
  • Karen presented lots of other projects including classes that they are organizing, and an “Active Transportation Plan” whatever that is.
A pretty busy bunch – and Karen announced that she is interested in becoming a Sunrise Rotarian!