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Remote Monitoring Made Possible

In honor of their 25th anniversary, members of the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club have made a donation of $25,000 to Mountains Community Hospital to be used to purchase new patient monitoring equipment.



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District Governor Ricardo "Taco" Loretta

District Governor Ricardo Loretta presented on July 25th.
Taco has been around the District a bit – recalls going to Lisbon with Armand during their year as club presidents.
Taco claims to have no particular “word of wisdom,” but offered a short story based on his question “Why am I in Rotary? Are we pre-wired for service?” His answer is no – he thinks service as a passion came up around the middle of the 19th century. He tells a story of a Swiss businessman named Henry Dunant who witnessed the results of a war in South America. He found himself wanting to help the victims of the event, which eventually led him to be one of the founders of the International Red Cross. He wrote a book about the tragedies of war that continues to be popular today – “A Memory of Solferino.” Henry received one of the first Nobel Peace Prizes in 1901.
Interestingly, this notion of service to the community and the world led Paul Harris to found Rotary in 1905.
Ricardo has lived around the world in his position distributing products for Clark Equipment. Early in his career, he led a trip to China, and was very successful there. One of the executives of the company had him tell the story of his success to the local Rotary club, which earned him a Rotary pin – and a welcome from Rotary clubs world-wide.  Living outside the US for a number of years, Taco returned to the states in 2009, and re-joined Rotary – and was delighted to find that women were now welcomed as members!
He came in contact with a group that was passing out food baskets to the poor in the Coachella Valley – and started to help. It has become his clubs main project – and has grown to be a big factor in the valley.
Ricardo says that his membership in Rotary made many of the best experiences in his life possible.
Ricardo presented a small replica of the Rotary bell to Rory. The bell was forged in the same shop that makes bells for the Vatican in Italy.
Rick Miller and Jamie Zinn were recognized as "Unsung Heroes" by Ricardo.
One final comment – Ricardo says the most important person in the room is Bill Herrmann – our membership chair!

Assemblyman Obernolte

Our Guest Speaker on July 18th was California State Assemblyman Jay Obernolte.
Rory read a detailed biography that the secretary would rather not re-type, so let’s just say that Mr. Obernolte is a very accomplished businessman, and has been serving the community and the state for a very long time!
One note – Jay’s son Troy was a camper at RYLA this year!
Jay is the Vice-Chair of the California Budget committee, the Appropriations Committee and the Budget Conference. A few words about this year’s budget: The largest in history at $138,000,000,000. There are some good items – more money for education, and a significant deposit to the Rainy Day Fund. Jay would like to see more rainy day funding, as our revenue is quite variable – 1% of our taxpayers come up with 50% of our income tax revenues. If we have a blip in the economy, we go south real fast.
Jay described our current fiscal surplus, and the Legislature’s habit of setting up repetitious reserve accounts – which is a ruse to avoid sales tax reduction.
This year’s budget is up 9% over last year; up 6% last year. Seems like spending as getting harder to control.
Jay reports that we were able to avoid a new tax on water. He believes that the expenses necessary should come from the General Fund – which is what will happen. The surplus will hopefully also fund new expenses for the statewide 911 phone program. Also: GOOD NEWS – The Fire Fee (Tax) has been repealed! You have paid your last fire fee.
Jay spent a few minutes on our unfunded liabilities – which are for the most part, held by local governments, not by the State. Big problems – maybe up to 1 trillion dollars. It turns out the local governments are starving – and it’s very difficult to get funds from the state. Jay feels pretty strongly that funds should be sent back down to the locals.
One program that Jay is pretty proud of is his Transparent Tax Increase legislation. He has managed to get passed and signed a bill requiring any legislation that necessitates a tax increase to be labeled as such – so the tax payers know what’s going to happen.
A quick comment on two special taxes – Cap and Trade and the gas tax both increase what it costs to buy gas – Jay is sponsoring legislation to repeal the gas tax.
If you need help with the State – Call Jay!!!
[note: our club photographer, Bob, was out; picture courtesy Shannon Dunkel, Assemblyman Obernolte staff member]

John Moore - Rotary Foundation

John Moore, after being presented with his Paul Harris +5 pin, and reporting on neighborhood activities involving a bobcat and Jax, his dog, last night presented the Foundation program – both the local program and the Rotary International program.
Everyone needs to fill out a pledge form! You can make your pledges to both the national organization, and to our local causes. John went through the Rotary International Foundation program. It was founded in 1917 by a gentleman named Arch Klumph. Appropriately named, Arch started the foundation with about $27 which has grown over the years to have distributed $3.95 Billion dollars world-wide.
John reports that we currently have 35,656 clubs with 1,202,937 members. There are about 30,000 service projects underway at any given time! As a group, RI members contribute 24,000,000 volunteer hours every year, not to forget we also have lots of Rotaract and Interact members who help out.
 John went through how the Foundation program works, with local giving staying local and Rotary International Foundation money moving up the structure – but with about half of it coming back through local grants.
 One of the biggest programs – Polio + - has all but eliminated polio, with work still going on in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
 John built a pretty good case for generous contributions to both local and international – This year’s RI budget is $480,000,000!!  So let’s help out – FILL OUT A FORM!  Thanks John.

Ureil Ponce - Eagle Scout Project

Mel Markham, Scoutmaster, helped Uriel Ponce – our visiting Boy Scout – to straighten out his Boy Scout goals and targets – and to present his Eagle SCOUT PROJECT:
Uriel plans to rebuild the Spiritual Walkway behind the Catholic Church. That means a complete redo, including paint, refinishing and new bronze plaques. The budget is $3,000; Uriel has already raised $2,500 – so he’s here looking for the balance. Geoff Hopper volunteered his brother to pony up (along with himself). (We otta just put people in touch with the Hoppers rather than make them come and present).
Great Job, Uriel – everyone is looking forward to the project’s completion

Stephanie Neumen - Hope of Children and Women Program

Everyone may recall Stephanie’s visit last year and her request for support for HOCW (Hope of Children and Women) program. Stephanie has visited Uganda in support of the group, and is in the process of producing a documentary chronicling the progress of the HOCW program.
There are lots of refugees in Uganda from Congo, Rwanda and Sudan. They are all trying hard to resettle, find work and provide for the influx which has created a lot of dislocations.
Stephanie has taken up the cause as her own, and is working hard to not only tell the world the story, but has been working to make a difference. Stephanie showed us a video of a soccer team made up of young men – refugees from all over. They have found commonality through the sport, which seems to help as they find ways to create a new and hopefully safe life.
We donated $750 as a club last year to help support the effort – and Stephanie’s presentation is a graphic report of our success! Stephanie is hoping for additional support this year, and could use $1,300 to further our work there.
No question that Stephanie is making a difference is a very troubled part of our world – THANKS!

Kelly Kinsek - Director Camp Paivika

Kelly presented the story of Camp Paivika – which was founded by a Rotarian, Mr. Lawrence Lowry – of STEAKHOUSE FAME!
 Kelly reports that the camp is thriving this year, with full enrollment. There are 60 campers in residence this morning. There are 8 sessions of camp every year, and they are committed to adapting to the needs of each individual camper. They offer horseback riding, swimming, arts & crafts and many other activities. There are programs for special needs people from age 9 to 90.
The counselors are from all over the world; Kelly says they are all very special people to do what they do! A summer as a counselor at the camp is a life changing experience.
Kelly told a story of a camper – Tom – who has been coming to the camp for about 6 years. Tom is autistic and does not speak. Kelly has been recognizing Tom by name for all of the 6 years – and he finally recognized her with a smile and a glance. It was VERY rewarding, and indicative of the dedication of Kelly and her staff.
In the fall when not in session, the camp is leased to a private academy and other groups to offset expenses and provide additional cash flow.
Next time – LUNCH at the camp, and a tour of the facilities.

Heather Sadler

Heather Sadler – Professor of Literacy at the University of New England had a few comments about literacy and the importance of reading to children from birth. Asking questions when they get a little older is good idea also, to promote a little creative thinking.
Heather hit upon the thought that she is actually “Training Rotarians” in her position.  She teaches students to identify problems then find a solution for it – which seems like exactly what Rotary does.
Heather reports that there is a pretty significant “word gap” between upper and lower income people, and programs like the one Mila works at helps to solve the problem.
Ask questions – it helps kids think!

Al Perdon - High Speed Train Project

Al presented the High Speed Train project.
  • Majority of the people who will use this train will not be tax payers. 
  • In 2008 voters approved the project with 26% of the eligible voters. What this means is 71% of the voters didn’t vote.
  • There is a lot of controversy surrounding the project. Al will discuss the pros and why the project should be supported.
  • 800-mile system from Sacramento/San Francisco to San Diego
  • Actual train has not been selected
  • In the US there is only one High Speed train currently in use and it goes from New York to Washington DC
  • Legislature states train must be completed by 2020
  • Project is stalled due to not enough funds to start 1st phase
  • There is a 90% probability the train will be built.
  • Project is 60 billion short for phase 1
  • Mega Cities will be created around the high speed train which will drive economic growth

Rotary World Peace Conference 2020

Rudy Westervelt-Rotary World Peace Conference 2020
a. The District grew 120 members
b. Mountain Sunrise grew 20 some odd members, mostly odd.
c. Rudy presented Ken and Mountain Sunrise with several awards
i. Spirit of Recognition to Ken from Governor Massey
ii. Club President Award
iii. Leader in Service to the Community
•             Rebuilding in April
•             Ken is 2nd to none in serving and changing lives. He is top in the District!
•             Ken was speechless
Norine Giacopuzzi and Charlene Burgher presented their group –the Mountain Pregnancy Center.
The Pregnancy Center is a fairly new organization that was founded in 2011 by Norine, almost by accident. She came in contact with a couple that needed counselling about their pregnancy – so she tried to help and ended up founding the Center!

They have achieved non-profit status, and provide services and prayers for lots of expecting mothers and families. They proved counselling, supplies, ultrasound exams and medical support for the pregnancy. They are prepared to provide 9 months of support to help produce successful parents!
Their office is at 461 Dart Canyon Road, and they provide 24/7 service. Over the last 2 years, they have provided services to 400 women!

They have an annual fundraiser, this year it’s a “Day at the Club” event at the Country Club – with golf, tennis, swimming and lots of fundraising activities. It will be held on August 9, flyers on the table to make reservations for the event.

Welcome New Member - John Lassak!

Geoff Hopper did his usual bang-up job initiating John Lassak as our newest member.
A realtor working at Coldwell Banker, John was a local, left the mountain and realized the error of his ways – and came back!
After the solemn ceremony, John received his official 1957 Lion’s Club pin, and a Rotary Basics Book.
Welcome, John!

Paul Harris Fellowships

Paul Harris Fellowship Presentation:
Foundation Chair Pat Davis presented Paul Harris Fellowships to:
  • Mike Clark is now a Paul Harris Fellow!
  • Duane Banner is a Paul Harris+1!
  • Barry Smart is a Paul Harris Fellow+3!

Rudy Westervelt - Peace Conference

Rudy reminds us that he regularly updates our Facebook page – keep him in the loop, and he will be back involved in the Auction – and he’s ready to accept donations!
Rudy gave us a bit of background regarding his year as District Governor, and his signature “Peace Conference” program.
The Peace Conference was a great success – so much so, that Rudy is putting another one together for 2020. There is a lot to do, and Rudy had a number of stories of people who were helped, and about areas that still need help.
His great emphasis is on Human Trafficking. There is a hotline – 888-373-7888 – that is there to help, but there is so much to do. Often kids as early as pre-teen are the ones who are the most hurt. It is estimated that there are around 27,000,000 victims world-wide, and we must change this.
Rudy is convinced that Rotary is in the perfect position to help – and if he has his way, we will.  Rudy is incredibly dedicated to his cause – Change will come!

Rim of the World Comfort Pets

Therapy Dogs!
Barry Robinson gave a brief overview of the Rim of the World Comfort Pets “Therapy Dog” program – and all of the work they do with the VA. They spend a lot of time in the PTSD department – and from what they say, the dogs are a hit with the Veterans!
Barry told us a story about a woman in palliative care – that Chelsea (the dog!) came to know. When Grackie passed away, Barry and Chelsea went to her service at the Veteran’s Cemetery.
Jen Horton gave us a few details about the program, Katherine Walker discussed their upcoming fundraiser – the annual “Hot Dog Barbeque!”
A thought:  Have children read to a dog! Dogs don’t criticize!
A great visit with an amazing group of beautiful and gracious dogs – and their people who do amazing things for our Veterans, children and people who are often at a very dark spot in their lives.

Kim McGuire & Ruth Mielke - Women's Health Services

Lynn Ritzer introduced Kim McGuire and Ruth Mielke. Kim is the Director of Community Development, and handles marketing the Mountains Community Hospital.
Kim gave us a quick Hospital update:
  • Seismic project is complete – and the hospital is certified through 2030, they are hoping to move to the next level and get permanent certification.
  • They are hoping to hire an OBGYN this year.
  • They are contracting with a cardiology group
  • Hoping to hire another general surgeon
  • Looking to add to the building with a new Acute Care “Pod”
  • Don’t forget to come the Le Grande Picnic! July 15!
Kim introduced Ruth Mielke, who is all about women’s health care. Ruth is a PhD educator, Nurse Practitioner, RN Mid-Wife among a number of other medical disciplines.
Ruth is affiliated with MCH, and is working to bring a much higher level of Women’s Health services to the mountain. She is using education events, along with our rural clinics to do everything necessary to improve care on the mountain.
We received a pretty good introduction to local Women’s health issues, and what’s up with the issue in the state of California. Ruth’s goal is to help find ways to educate more nurses and OB practitioners to help eliminate the current shortage in the state. She calls the program a “pipeline to collect students.”
Ruth is pretty passionate – we can probably expect some pretty big happenings!
Sandy Benson from Mountain Transit spoke today – with a lot of great information about the services they offer.
They are dedicated to getting people where they need to be – through the scheduled lines, and the Dial a Ride service.  They are able to help out on public events – like the “Wine Walk” – at $10 a head round trip. They are also about to start a Trolley service in Lake Arrowhead, and will be able to use the trolley for public special events (maybe our auction??)
They have 22 buses, and make 3 round trips to San Bernardino daily. They operate 7 days a week, and offer dial-a-ride for anyone with 2-hour notice.
Watch for a free ride coupon in the mail – and give their service a try!
Information at
Old friend, old member and novelist Ken Decroo was today’s speaker. 
FIRST, Ken caught us up on what he has been up to – other than writing. Pretty much spends his time traveling, or at his place in Mexico.
His novel “Almost Human” did well, it is based on a chimp named Oliver that Ken owned for a number of years. Oliver had been mistreated and killed a man years ago; Ken was able to rescue Oliver and use him for Ken’s work in movie making. Oliver passed away 4 or 5 months ago at the age of 64.
Ken is working on his next book – a continuation of “Almost Human” titled “More Than Human.” The proceeds of the book are dedicated to “Hearts and Lives.”
A few thoughts on writing:
  • “First, live a life worth writing about!” (Hemingway)
  • Don’t write for money, write because you have a story to tell.
Ken is actually in the negotiation process to have his first book produced as a movie! Book number two should be out this summer.
As always, Ken has quite a number of stories to tell – and today he had an opportunity to do so.
Pretty exciting to have a novelist as a friend!
Steve Tilden of the Mountain Communities Boys and Girls Club reviewed the club program.
Started in 1995 and chartered in 2002, the group has about 600 members, and currently serves 250 kids daily. The morning program in Crestline works like a bus stop, kids do homework, have snacks and participate in lots of fun programs.
Steve says we have the same problems as down the hill, but fortunately we have a smaller population and a bit easier in intercede. They are working on the summer program, and are looking for funding help. Kids pay $10 per day to participate. Each club pays its own way.
Make sure to attend the “Bids for Kids Auction on May 12!!
Rory has been giving us bits and pieces about a program he has been spearheading. Everyone knows that Rory
wants to help out with the Automotive ROP Vocational Ed program at Rim.  He has managed to put together a “Build the Future” vocational education fund raiser to be held in August. He is set up for the ASCCA (Automotive Service Council of California) to host the program at the Club Center in San Bernardino.
Rory showed us a short video that didn’t work, but that did little to dampen his enthusiasm! The program will include booths for tool and equipment vendors, Door prizes and racing next door at the kart track.
We’ll be hearing a lot about this as we get closer!
Our own Scott Markovich presented tday's program. Scott spent a few minutes talking about what’s up with the Rim School District. First, lots of praise for Superintendent Michelle Murphy – Scottsays she is a positive force – and is getting business taken care of.
Budget problems still exist, and from what Scott says they are fairly serious, but the district has come back to a balanced budget. They are dealing with lots of mandates, which is exacerbated by a large number of State mandates. They are working on the problem of unfunded retirement benefits.
Scott is running for State Representative, District 33 and had a few words about his candidacy.  Scott had a prepared statement, but noted as his focus a few issues: Water. We need serious work here, and he has a few thoughts that might help, that seems focused on converting private interests to public ones. Nestle came up as someone who otta pay their fair share. Mining Claims. There are lots of them, and we need to find a way to consolidate.
Scott thinks we need to find ways to work together – both sides, to create a few new items to help:
  • A new CalState University in the high desert
  • New Medical Center
  • New K-12 education funding system
  • Need to work on Health Care Funding solvency.
Geoff was unable to pin Scott down on Sanctuary State status – or the Train to Fresno! Lots of interesting thoughts!
Special Event – “The 4-Way Speech Contest”
Co-Chairs Steve Hollstein and Adam Lane reviewed this year’s program and rules. There are 3 contestants this time, and Steve went through the program – the winner will advance to the regionals, and has an opportunity to advance from there. The judges:  Patti McGonigle, Terri Clark and Mila Skolnick – with Bill Stanley as timekeeper.
The Speeches:
Speech No. 1:
The history and institutionalization of Crypto-currency. Speaker No. 1 described the way crypto-currency works, and told us a bit about block-chain technology.  He did a good job of associating his subject to the 4-way test; noting the truthfulness and accuracy of the system, it’s good for all due to the way the transactions are secure, the system build good will due to the inherit fairness and beneficial through its accuracy and security.
Speech No. 2:
Speaker No. 2, as a Millennial, seems to have taken a light-hearted offense at the way our society views her generation.  She claims the stereotypes are untrue, and points to a number of examples to support her thoughts.  Her final note – the term “Millennial” is nothing but a label, and no reason to condemn anyone!  Also a good relationship to the 4-Way Test!
Speech No. 3:
This speaker takes issue with school starting at 7:10am! He has done careful study and makes a pretty good case that young people are in need of around 9 hours of sleep a night – which, considering the busy schedule the typical high-schooler has – is all but impossible if to need to get up at 6am! A very well researched and presented argument – but probably won’t come to pass!
The results:1st Place, with a $250 gift: Luke Scorziell; 2nd Place, with $100 gift: Madison Oaks; 3rd Place, with a $50 gift: Nathaniel Forrey!
What a great program – and a great bunch of speakers!
Rick Miller Jr. offered today’s presentation!
Rick works as a civilian trainer/operator of military drone aircraft – known as Remote Piloted Aircraft.
Rick got started as a member of the Air National Guard, and now works with a private contractor. He instructs the military personnel on air missions, and works on close air support, search & rescue and backs up the military operators. Rick reviewed the aircraft, gave us a review of the sensors, cameras and a particularly interesting camera that sees in the dark – known as the “Finger of God.” Pretty interesting stuff.  Rick showed us a video – what an amazing bunch of equipment!  VERY interesting to know and understand a little bit of our amazing technology. Thanks to Rick for the report – and his efforts to support our military!
Cherie Gruenfeld, founder of “Exceeding Expectations,” was the speaker on March 7th.
Cherie has quite a background. She is one of the most decorated Master’s triathletes in the world today. She has competed in 28 Iron Man races, including the World Championship in Hawaii – 21 times! She has won the world's title in her age group 13 times, and she is the first female over 55 to break the 12-hour mark in an Ironman – which she did in Hawaii, considered the toughest course in the world.  Cherie’s photo has been on a Wheaties box!
Along the way, Cherie developed a passion for helping with at-risk kids, and she founded “Exceeding Expectations,” a group of volunteers that works to help kids become the best they can. Currently, there are about 60 kids in the program which focuses not only on athletics, but has a heavy emphasis on school. The idea is to build character, knowledge and goals – and to achieve them all. The organization takes full responsibility of the financial aspects of taking a kid all the way through college – and covers the cost.
QUITE A CONCEPT – a full time coach with financial resources designed to make a kid successful in life.
The group is staffed completely by volunteers – almost 100% of every dollar donated goes to help the kids. Amazing group, led by an amazing woman!
Trevor Richardson says he was looking for a special project to do for school – at first he looked into bomb making, but with further study of the necessary approvals, he decided raising trout from roe to fry, and then releasing them into our lake would be a lot of fun, and he would learn a lot to.
Trevor went over the process for the project, including winning the support of the Arrowhead Lake Association – who is helping to fund the project. Trevor had to seek a number of approvals, and organize the equipment and procedure. He is pretty much set to go, and looking forward to receiving the fish the third week of March.  Sounds like a GREAT project – and a lot of fun for Trevor and is class.
If you would like to help, you can donate to the ALA fish stocking fund – and put “Trout in the Classroom" on the memo line of your check.   
Pretty impressive young man!