4-Way Speech Contest Day!
Deborah reviewed the rules of the contest – pretty rigorous! The un-named speakers were escorted out of the room, drew lots for speaking position and off we go!
Speaker No. 1: “Is Humanity Pre-Disposed to Evil?”
Great talk – Honorable Mention for Tiffany Powers, a Senior planning to attend UCSB and work into the Psychiatry program.
Speaker No. 2: “Why Don’t We Drug Test People that are on State Aid?”
Interesting view – one worth considering! Katelyn Reyes has given it a lot of thought and isn’t even a little bit shy about her conclusions. 3rd Place in the contest, headed into Poly Sci or Biology.
Speaker No. 3: “Heros aren’t Always Super Heros – Sometimes They Are Computer Nerds – ‘Hacktivists’”
A talk about the honorable side of computer hacking – a place few of us knew existed – very informative, Rim Senior Destiny Hocha Her-Ruiz earned 2nd Place in the competition
Speaker No. 4: “I Love Sports!”
Our 1st Place Winner Davin Whitaker gave a great talk about how he believes that sports, teamwork and competition have enhanced his school and life experiences.
The 4-Wat Speech contest is always one of our Rotary Year Highlights!