Number 2: Bill Johnson


An update on Sky Park at Santa’s Village:


They have managed to pull of 30 days! Everything went well, no back-ups or complaints. They have 300 employees at present. The holidays were pretty much sold out, all of the tickets were sold online, they sold none at the gate.


At the moment, about 20% of the park is open, with pending permits and authorizations still in the works. Bill seems a little upset with the problems associated with getting the approvals, especially with issues regarding groups that oppose the development like the Sierra Club that has threatened a lawsuit.


Bill says the park maxes out at 1000 visitors, has no idea how they crowded 4000 in in past years.


They think about 20,000 people visited the park in December, and they are working on a reduced charge for people who would like to visit to have dinner - everyone likes that idea!


An amazing project!