Colleen and Rob Myers presented their program – “PLUR Life Ministries”
What a group. Colleen started a job with Rim Family Services that led her to study Rave events that end up being drug problems for our youth. Her look at the problem resulted in she and Rob organizing an effort to rescue young people from the drug and sex trafficking culture that surrounds the RAVE events.
The PLUR Ministries works with a faith based message, and direct intervention. Intervention is done mostly by “Moms” – women who might have children the age of those being served. It has been found that women have better results initially because of the “Mom” role. A lot of the youth have had an early life without the leadership of parents, so they have found that a mom is in a good position to help. It’s also good to hear that faith based programs seem to have a better chance of success that secular – political programs.
They have a very well developed program that includes direct intervention, a “Camp 33” weekend designed to provide direct care for the youth with a strong emphasis on faith.
Quite a program – and quite a ministry. Both Colleen and Rob have quit their jobs and work with PLUR Ministries full time.