Dan started off with a quick report on our forest – it’s in transition, as it always is. The beetle problems still exist – Dan says they have been here for centuries. The best thing to battle bugs is a healthy forest.
Dan says one of our problems is that we have spent the last 100 years putting out fires and trying hard to maintain the forest in a too efficient manner. Nature trims the forest back with fire and other ways. Ideal is 40 to 70 trees per acre, a lot of our forest has as much as 900 trees per acre. It wouldn’t hurt to trim back a bit, to ease some of the over-population.
Dan gave us a bit on how trees work – the live part of the tree is near the bark – the middle is dead. Quite a surprise! As it turns out, we have lots of trees that look great, but have serious rot in the middle.
One last recommendation – don’t rake the ground to the dirt! All that mulch and moss is what’s feeding your trees!