David Golder and Charlene Bruegger presented the Mountain Pregnancy Center.
The center was founded to help provide service to both the born and the yet-to-be-born.  As it turns out, there are a substantial number of young mothers living in a car or couch surfing, and they have little in the way of resources to take care of themselves or their children.
The center is an all-volunteer group that helps provide a program and outreach to babies and young mothers at no charge.
They recently were able to acquire an ultrasound machine through their fundraising efforts, and by working with Samsung Corp. which gave them a 50% discount on the equipment!
They will be having a fundraising banquet at the Alpine Camp and Conference Center on Thursday, September 15 at 6pm. State Senator Mike Morrell will be there, tables for 8 are available for $300 each. They will have a live auction with our own Lyle Barkley as auctioneer!