Ernie Perez from the Sheriff’s Department presented today.
Ernie works with the Narcotics Division – a division that has between 60 and 70 employees. They work with virtually all other law enforcement agencies including local police, DEA, Homeland Security and the FBI.
Ernie mentioned that one problem with their electronic surveillance program is that is has a difficult political perception – the view of some people is that they are somehow violating people’s rights in doing their work – Ernie described the program, and how they take great care in its administration.
Ernie described a few of their drug and cash seizures, including thousands of pounds of heroin, meth, and cash.
Ernie mentioned that one of their biggest new problems is the appearance of Fentanyl – basically a pharmacist grade opioid which is being laced into the heroin that is sold.
Ernie provided us with another very disturbing statistic – in states where recreational marijuana use is legal, approximately 80% of sale happen in the black market – creating all manner of problems.
It’s certainly nice to know that we have such a dedicated team working on this very difficult problem in our society.