A few thoughts from Governor Bob Duistermars:
He is very happy with the amazing clubs here and our great connections with our communities. What we need to do is offer people an opportunity to help!
Bob gave us a bit of his history, and how he found Rotary:
He retired from the dairy business, and Mrs. Duistermars suggested he needed to find work, or find an 8 hour a day hobby! So Bob went to work with the United Way, ending up as the local CEO. Along the way, the United Way people thought he should get to know the community – so he joined the Rotary in the community! The rest is history…
  • There are so many things we are positioned to fix – and Rotary can do it!
  • Rotary is “scalable”- big, middle or small – we can work with anything.
  • Our job is to connect outcomes – think about the ripples!
A few thoughts on Rotary: