Haley Raines from the Echo Factory was today’s speaker.
Haley is a website producer, and has lots of experience with the way the web works – and how it can help your business, and how it can cause problems.
A few facts: 
  • There are 130 trillion pages of information on the web.
  • What we now call an “Ap” appeared for the first time in 2007.
  • Every move we make on a computer, smartphone or other connected device is being tracked.
  • Google has about 83% of the search market, and they turn your information search into information to help sell you stuff! What they are is an advertising Company.
The goal is to find out as much about each individual as possible so that product and service offerings can be targeted specifically at buyers that have expressed an interest.
Haley’s company specializes in creating a web presence that will target buyers at your organization – a very specialized field. The key is to target the exact buyer who is looking for your service or product, not to advertise in mass. It seems that they are very successful at it!