Hayley Raines, Techmaster,  gave us website tips today.
A list for web success:
  • It’s gotta be easy for a customer, even Bob Cantrell, to operate.
  • Your website needs to be easy to maintain.
  • It needs to be organized to show up in the top 50 in a keyword search.
A couple of terms:
Front end: What the customer sees
Back End: what the designer sees.
Hayley recommends:
  • Build it in a system called “WordPress.”
  • Organize it to be secure – “https”
  • Install Google Analytics to track your users
  • It must have a responsive design
  • Have “fluid” organization – to help people find things fast.
  • Every page needs a “CTA” – call to action.
  • Lots of buttons – green with rounded edges are best, and use text rather than a “learn more” title in the button. Try something in the first person “Tell me more”
  • Pin the navigation bar to the top[ of the page – so it always appears.
  • EVERY page needs a footer
  • Evwery page needs to be key-word optimized.
Do all of that – or have your web designer do all of that and you are set for success! Or maybe reviewing those items will help you find a good web designer for your business.
Every little detail counts!