Jack Cooperman and Kim Meers gave us an update on the Special Athletes program.
They have been quite active over the last year, and have added a number pf programs for not only winter sports, but also for water sports and golf.
They are really excited about the new deck at Snow Valley! Thanks to everyone!
They had a great video of the program’s activities and programs – they have been at it for 3 years, and are looking forward to expanding the program. One problem is that the equipment for the winter sports program is expensive, and they have been operating on a shoestring budget. So any help would be appreciated!
A few numbers: They have about 16 in the Yoga program, 9 in golf and 39 in winter programs, and they are planning a fishing program for next year.  Interesting that they get quite a few “walk-ups” at Snow Valley!
Thanks to Jack and Kim for the fun services they provide!