Janice Rutherford is today’s guest speaker – and she is just now back from a visit to the cruising Aircraft Carrier the USS Theodore Roosevelt – quite an adventure!
Janice gave a brief bit of her background, and introduced her staff at our meeting.
Janice told us that the mission of the County Government is 4 basic RES:
  1. To provide municipal style services to county areas.
  2. Regional infrastructure.
  3. Provide a social safety net – which is ¾ of the budget.
  4. Provide law and justice through the Sheriff’s office and the court system.
It seems that one of our largest problems is the law and justice system, as the State has push the prison population down to the counties, the counties quickly ran out of resources, so the probation department has been trying to pick up the slack created by what has ended up being an early release program.
Janice spoke a bit about zoning and land use, and gave a brief overview on the SkyPark approval hearings and progress. The next hearing is set for May 18, and it wouldn’t hurt a thing if we contacted all of the county supervisors and let them know our thoughts on the project.
Touring and Community marketing is a big item, the program used to provide money to the local Chambers of Commerce, but that program ran into control problems. So the county took over and didn’t do much better, so they are re-thinking the program, possibly back to the Chamber with more controls. The money comes from a local bed-tax on hotels and other lodging facilities. AirBnB is doing better at collections; the county is looking to work direct with them to eliminate the collection from homeowner’s problem.
There were a couple of questions; everyone is pretty tired of Davis Hopper whining about the diesel engine replacement requirements. Janice spent a few minutes trying to sympathize with him.
Thanks Janice!