Today we were pleased to have our Assemblyman, Jay Olbernolte give us a Sacramento update.
First up – Jay was a judge for an Odyssey  of the World contest – and is really excited that Lilly’s group will be going – and Jay will help with a $100 per person check to help out!
Jay gave us a little personal background: He is really a video game developer, but decided he would try to help out as a politician. He is the Vice-chair of the budget committee, and had the opportunity to have 12 bills signed into law last year – more than anyone. He says it’s partly due to his legislative interest – which is to solve actual problems for people in our district.
Jay spoke a bit about the new gas tax – it will start out at 12 cents per gallon, and work it’s way to 20 cents next year. Which means ours is the most expensive state to buy gas in – and it would be a mistake to expect that much of it will go to improve or build roads. Jay seems pretty disappointed in the legislation.
While talking about new taxes, fees and the high cost of everything in California, he also mentioned that California has the highest poverty rate in the nation. Maybe the two are related???
Jay mentioned he is trying to help out with SkyPark – and invited anyone with a problem to contact one of his offices.
Thanks, Jay!