John Wurm from LACSD was today’s speaker.


John gave us a short update on the water company, and the status of current operations. The drought caused a lowering of revenues, but things are getting back to normal, they are in good financial shape now.


A couple of items they are working on – a solar plant at the property in Hesperia that will help finance most of the district’s electricity use – sounds like a pretty good plan!


Also, they are looking into a groundwater recycling program that would all but eliminate a low lake level. The plan is to recycle water through normal percolation, then use well water for service. John mentioned that, in his view, the water bond that was passed by the voters last year is baloney – it hasn’t added a bucketful of storage to our state system.


Last item – we can expect the pump station at North Bay to begin the rebuilding process – it has needed a re-work for a long time!