Kim McGuire & Ruth Mielke - Women's Health Services

Lynn Ritzer introduced Kim McGuire and Ruth Mielke. Kim is the Director of Community Development, and handles marketing the Mountains Community Hospital.
Kim gave us a quick Hospital update:
  • Seismic project is complete – and the hospital is certified through 2030, they are hoping to move to the next level and get permanent certification.
  • They are hoping to hire an OBGYN this year.
  • They are contracting with a cardiology group
  • Hoping to hire another general surgeon
  • Looking to add to the building with a new Acute Care “Pod”
  • Don’t forget to come the Le Grande Picnic! July 15!
Kim introduced Ruth Mielke, who is all about women’s health care. Ruth is a PhD educator, Nurse Practitioner, RN Mid-Wife among a number of other medical disciplines.
Ruth is affiliated with MCH, and is working to bring a much higher level of Women’s Health services to the mountain. She is using education events, along with our rural clinics to do everything necessary to improve care on the mountain.
We received a pretty good introduction to local Women’s health issues, and what’s up with the issue in the state of California. Ruth’s goal is to help find ways to educate more nurses and OB practitioners to help eliminate the current shortage in the state. She calls the program a “pipeline to collect students.”
Ruth is pretty passionate – we can probably expect some pretty big happenings!