Kim Starr, Cancer survivor and Appalachian Trail hiker spoke to our group today.
When Kim isn’t hiking, she’s the manager at the Mt. High Market in Twin Peaks.
Kim told us about her adventure – and dream to hike the Appalachian Trail. 2184 miles, 14 states, from Georgia to Maine, quite an ambition! As a 60 year old mother of 6 kids with lots of grandkids, she decided to do something just for her self – for 3 reasons:
  1. Top celebrate her 60th birthday
  2. 40 years cancer free
  3. Simple peace of the Appalachians.
She started on April 10 in Georgia, and acquired the “Trail Name” of Kool-Aide due to her constant consumption of the beverage. This is a tough trail, especially for someone who has never hiked before. During the hike she fell 13 times, the most memorable was due to a (BIG) bee bite on the leg. While hiking, Kim took 1800 photos, some of which are on display.
A few remembrances – Kim enjoyed meeting other hikers on the trail, but didn’t like the snakes very much. Along the way, she ran into 12 bears!
Kim did about half the hike, and is planning to finish it this next April.