Larry King, Assistant Superintendent of Rim of the World USD spoke today.
Mr. King gave us a bit of his background – 25 years in the army prior to his education career. Sounds like a good background for an educator.
Larry spends a lot of time in the various schools – and has a focus on discipline and school safety. There has been a lot of reporting in the local press regarding the discipline problems at the schools, especially at Rim. Larry had a few thoughts in response:
The components of discipline are pretty straight forward:
  • Clear communication standards
  • Treat students with respect  and with fairness
  • What happens afterwards?
Mr. King related an example – if a student acts with direct defiance, maybe using profane and threatening language, one reaction may be to send them to the principal. It could be that what’s really happening is to give what’s known as an “exit”- where the student simply gets to skip class. What they try to do is to find a way to NOT give an exit – and to find ways to do things to help.
More later!