Linda Smith from Comfort Pets presented today, to fill us in on the benefits of their carefully trained dogs. She terms them a “Gift of Life from God.” We had three dogs with us today – including the beautiful Chelsea, Barry Robinson’s special friend.
Linda explained the beginnings of the program, and the benefits that are derived from the pets – up to and including a lowering of the pet owner’s blood pressure! They were organized in 2006,
and have grown to have 50 teams in the field at this point. They visit 12 to 15 healthcare facilities monthly, and have 9 training programs currently in the mountains.
The dogs are carefully trained to have a great temperament, to accept friendly strangers and to love children.
Their goal is to provide training to pets that will help to enhance human life. Dog can provide a calming influence on their owners, and help provide identifiable health benefits.
The group raises money through community donations and the sale of custom built first aid kits – available for $30 each.
After Linda’s presentation, Deborah presented Linda with our clubs donation check!