Local Novelist Ken Decroo visited with us – with a talk about his first novel –“Almost Human” and his current efforts for the sequel – “More than Human.”
Ken talked a bit about his career, and noted that all of his occupations have been fraught with difficulty – but being an author is by far the worst. He had 98 rejections from agents before finally finding one that would help!  Now that that’s behind him he reports that there are 442,000 copies of his book in print, and it has been picked up by Kindle.
Ken reports that after the publisher found the market for his book, they offered and he signed a deal for 2 more books – that included an advance!  Which means that he is writing frantically to produce “More than Human” prior to the deadline.
Ken spoke a bit about the craft of writing – He notes a few thoughts:
For him, the idea starts as a “fossil” that begins the process of “digging” up the story. In his first book, he was well into it when has editor asked how the book would end – and he reported he didn’t know, the story was still unfolding. The editor replied that he would need to send her the end before she would edit any further – which GREATLY aided the process!
The whole project started when Ken was a young man – and he discovered a chimp that could communicate with sign language – which lit the fire.
Ken relayed lots of stories about his career in Hollywood, and things that led him to where he is now.
It’s pretty easy to see that Ken is a master storyteller - !