Polly Sauer, Executive Director of the Lake Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce provided today’s program.
Polly had a few interesting thoughts – it turns out our little community ranks up with Lake Cuomo Italy and a couple of resorts in the Swiss Alps as a great vacation destination! Also, our own LouEddie’s Pizza is listed in the top 10 in the U.S., also the Waffle House is in the top 10! We are a top destination for trip advisor.
SO it seems as if our Chamber has been working diligently to promote our little community.
Polly also spent some time talking about the fact that the Chamber no longer receives any of the funds from the county bed tax – even though the county receipts are around $2 million, about $925,000 is generated from here! Polly suggests that we each draft a letter to Janice Rutherford, our Supervisor, to try and get the rules changed to allow for this important budget item. Mary-Justine Lanyon recently wrote an article in the Mountain News detailing the issues, and ways they we may be able to help. Polly recommends we read the article and then write to Ms. Rutherford. One other suggestion is to come to a MAC meeting – held the first Thursday every month.
Everyone is really excited about this year’s Home Tour – the theme is “Rustic Chic” and sounds like a lot of fun.
Polly also discussed the Special Olympics program the Chamber sponsored – and the great success of our local athletes! Polly gave us a bit of info on new programs in this area for this year.