Today Postal Inspector Steve Bolz presented.
Steve is an investigator for the US Postal Service – and manages to run into some very interesting crimes.  It seems that putting mail in a collection box can be dangerous – Steve spends quite a bit of time looking into people who steal mail, find checks then change the payee name and cash the checks.  No fair.
Another popular scam is people offering lottery winnings by mail – the scam includes sending money for taxes or bank fees so they can send you your winnings. Turns out Steve has a terrible time convincing the victims they are the subject of a scam – and they often continue to send money to fraudsters. Usually elderly people, but not always, sometimes younger people are caught too. Steve presented a bunch of photos of evidence of the crime - something for us to look out for with friends and relatives.
There seems to be no end as to how people scam the public.