Retired Judge Vic Saraydarian offered today’s program. Evidently, Vic met Harvey Durand some time back, Harvey asked Vic to present today, and in the meantime Vic decided to join up!
Vic presented a couple of thoughts about the prison population problem, and the increasing number of homeless people here in California.
First up: AB 109. In response to court-ordered reduction in prison over population, California passed AB 109 – which re-aligned a great big piece the state prison population to local jails. It has also resulted in the release of a large number of people, as local jails have become overcrowded. 
As a result of the re-alignment, the State has enjoyed a large decreased in expenditures which has been transferred to the localities.
Second: Proposition 47 in 2014 re-classified a large number of offenses to misdemeanor status. As sometimes happens, there has been an unwanted result – a large increase in the homeless population as people guilty of what used to be felonies have had their time in jail reduced dramatically. Property crimes have increased by 68% as people with substance problems spend more time on the street, and shoplift or steal to supply their habit.
Unfortunately, this has created problems for enforcement as police have become discouraged by the lack of punishment, and re-arresting the same people over and over.
A few thoughts:  Take time to talk to your local law enforcement, and learn how to work with young people to keep them safe and out of the system. We have moved from a State administered system to a locally administered one. Try to get involved in local service, and as a village maybe we can start to reduce the problem.