Lake Arrowhead Mountain

Sunrise Rotary Club

Rudy Westervelt  –  Presented a photo show of his visit to Haiti.

Rudy Westervelt presented today’s program – with a photo show of his visit to Haiti.
Rudy reports that Haiti needs special attention, after decades of political malfeasance, exploitation and neglect. The streets are full of trash – in some cases several feet deep. They have deforested the landscape for fuel to cook, and there is none left. They need so much – rebuilding, planting of trees, education.
A pretty sad state of affairs and a pretty graphic photo collage.
Rudy is hoping for help through the worldwide peace effort that he is a big part of. The Peace Conference in Atlanta will have more than 100 speakers, and at least 24 break0out sessions. Rudy is hoping to put together partnerships to try to help.
A few other photos –
  • Henry the Holocaust Survivor – 100 years old; what an inspiration!
  • Gerry and Paula Porter
  • “Stop Stuff” group promotion photo.