RYLA! We had 3 of our campers with us this morning – Laura, Claire and Luke.
Today we had a chance to watch a very detailed video about last weekend’s RYLA Camp.
BOY do they look like they had fun!
A few comments:
Luke: The culture walk was quite an event – almost life-changing. And, if you want to learn to work together, there’s nothing like the board walk!
Laura: Laura liked the culture walk too, and really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know all of the members of her group well.
Claire: Culture walk was her favorite, too – and Claire really enjoyed connecting with all of the people of their generation.
Thanks for sponsoring us!
Claire, Laura and Luke led us in a favorite cheer: “PARTY!”
The RYLA parents had a few words as well:
What a great opportunity for our kids, the event really strengthened them – gave them a good push toward adulthood – and wouldn’t it be great if High School was like RYLA?!