Sheriff Detective Eric Trujillo on What makes a Deputy Sheriff?
Eric has been with the department for 17 years, 6 years at the County Jail,  11 years on patrol – and has been stationed in Twin Peaks for the last 6 months.
When asked what makes a Deputy Sheriff, Eric makes a few points – first on the list is the desire to help people. The job is to provide help to people often when they are at their worst possible moments. Eric described the academy experience, and the idea that the department likes to hire people with some life experience. He says the academy is a real test of your limits – and takes 6 months.
Working at the jail is quite an experience – learning to speak to street-wise bad-guys is key!
Sums up:
  1. Helping
  2. Worst: learning how to leave the office at the office.
  3. Best: being able to restore a person’s property, pass on knowledge.
Eric says that our community is thankfully low on the violent crime list, but drugs are a problem that brings theft and property crimes.
Of course, President Ken offered an invitation to Eric to join our group!