Stephanie Neumen - Hope of Children and Women Program

Everyone may recall Stephanie’s visit last year and her request for support for HOCW (Hope of Children and Women) program. Stephanie has visited Uganda in support of the group, and is in the process of producing a documentary chronicling the progress of the HOCW program.
There are lots of refugees in Uganda from Congo, Rwanda and Sudan. They are all trying hard to resettle, find work and provide for the influx which has created a lot of dislocations.
Stephanie has taken up the cause as her own, and is working hard to not only tell the world the story, but has been working to make a difference. Stephanie showed us a video of a soccer team made up of young men – refugees from all over. They have found commonality through the sport, which seems to help as they find ways to create a new and hopefully safe life.
We donated $750 as a club last year to help support the effort – and Stephanie’s presentation is a graphic report of our success! Stephanie is hoping for additional support this year, and could use $1,300 to further our work there.
No question that Stephanie is making a difference is a very troubled part of our world – THANKS!