Posted on May 20, 2017
Tracy Lenocker presented the Emergency Communications Network for today’s program.
Quite a number of agencies involved –
  • California Disaster Corps
    • CERT and Community members
    • We are one of 3 counties in the state
  • County Fire OES
    • Fire Corps
    • Emergency Services
    • COAD, now called Rim Community Alliance
     Sheriff’s Department


Search and Rescue

Medical Reserve Corps

California Highway Patrol

CHP Senior Volunteer Program


There are lots of agencies that need communication and coordination. The ECS has 40 members, and work through what appears to be a well-equipped network to help with passing communication from agency to agency. The public can listen in with scanners and get reports on fires, traffic, roads, weather etc. May times, the information in the reports comes from the public through reports to 911 or members.
There ae communication centers placed at fire stations 91 and 25, at the hospital, at the Presbyterian Church, and they have a mobile unit in the CERT trailer. They are working on putting radios in school busses, and they are working on a “Winline” program to provide emergency internet services.
The members practice every Monday, and offer classes for licensing in April and October.
Quite a network – nice to know they are here!
Thank you, Tracy!