Ty Ritter, Founder of Project Child Save, presented his program today – and what an affect the presentation had on the group.


The project is dedicated to rescuing children that have been abducted and sold into slavery – usually sex trafficking. Ty’s presentation was very moving – he works with law enforcement, and specializes in recovering trafficked children – some as young as 3 years of age. He and his team of ex-military special ops people have recovered 161 children – at very low cost.


We watched a video about their operations.


Taking notes on Ty’s presentation was difficult - Trafficking in children is the most heart wrenching crime, desperately saddening criminal activity. It’s very easy to see why Ty gets emotional during his presentation.


The group is comprised of 100% volunteers, and all operations are funded by donations.


www.projectchildsafe.org for more info.


If there was ever a cause worthy of a gift – this is the one.